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Letter from A. Specter

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December 15, 2008

Dear Members of the Polish American Congress and Polonia:

Today I received a personal telephone call from Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter regarding the Polish jokes he delivered during a luncheon in New York City. Senator Specter told me that he regrets these inappropriate statements referencing the Polish people and asked that I offer his sincere apology to the Polish American community. Senator Specter himself traces his family history to Eastern Europe. He said he understands that the remarks were unnecessary and offensive and that this incident brings about another opportunity for all Americans to be more conscience and respectful of the accomplishments which continue to be made by all groups that make up the great ethnic mosaic of America.

During my conversation with Senator Specter, he said that he prepared an apology letter and asked that I forward this letter to all members of the Polish American community and that they forward it to family members and friends.
Michael Blichasz, President
Polish American Congress
Eastern Pennsylvania District



Dear Mr. Blichasz,

Is this another Polish joke? Polish Americans, who were brazenly insulted at a public forum, are to “forward” to each other, quietly, under the guise of darkness perhaps, a letter of apology?
In “retrospect” Mr. Specter sees the comments as “inappropriate”? In retrospect? Then why did he ask if there were people of Polish descent present at the luncheon before delving into his offensive comedy act?

I urge the PAC to call on Senator Specter to hold a press conference in order to offer an earnest, public apology to all Poles and Polish Americans whom he scurrilously maligned.

I realize that to some of us, receiving “a personal call” from a legislator might be a big deal. But that certainly is not an acceptable means of apologizing to the entire ethnic group, an entire nation!

I will continue to call on my listeners to send letters of protest to the Senator, as well as leaders of the Senate, demanding a full and public apology. Nothing less will do. Nothing less should satisfy the Polish American Congress.


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  1. Slowa uznania dla Pani Sliwa . Zastanawiam sie jak dlugo czasu zajmie naszym polonijnym przedstawicielom z PAC aby zrozumieli ze tylko PUBLICZNE przeprosiny Senatora moga powstrzymac nastepnych od tego rodzaju wystepkow. Polish jokes czy falszowanie historii polskiej bedzie kontynuowane dotad dopuki NA TO POZWOLIMY. Z wyrazami szacunku. Marie Glowacki

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