Never ending story: “polskie obozy koncentracyjne”

Dotarl do mnie e-mail, ktorego tresc polecam Panstwa szczegolnej uwadze:

From: ted
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 16:35:33 -0500
Subject: [PAC_ND] Action Alert: Newspaper refuses to correct “Polish
concentration camp”

Minneapolis-St. Paul StarTribune ran a story about the Holocaust, which
included the phrase “notorious Polish concentration camp”. OK, we’ve seen this before. But what
is different this time is that the paper is DEFENDING its usage!

Their response to protests:

“The Auschwitz concentration camp was in occupied Poland. Because there were concentration camps all over Europe during WWII, the reference was to locate this particular concentration camp among the many. If the writer had been describing a particular camp in occupied Austria, she might have
described it as an Austrian camp. Also, the notoriety of Auschwitz as a Nazi concentration camp — undoubtedly the best-known concentration camp by name — and context of the story erases even the slightest possibility there would be confusion about who was running the

Please protest to

Some arguments you may want to use:

“camp in Poland” provides geographic location; “Polish camp” implies atribution.

Would the author write:

about Guantanamo as a “Cuban detention camp”?

about 9/11 as an “American terrorist attack”?

about the thousands of American soldiers who died on D-Day as having been storming a “French

about a bomb blast at a Tel Aviv bus stop as an “Israeli atrocity”?

Please keep those cards, letters and e-mails coming.

-Ted Mirecki, Washington DC