Helena Wolinska-Brus – madra i ambitna ofiara polowania na czarownice?

Helena Wolinska_BrusPolecam artykul w dzisiejszej Chicago Tribune. Zachecam rowniez do wyrazenia swojej opini pod artkulem w internetowej wersji gazety (np klikajac tutaj). Swoja droga ta najwieksza gazeta w najwiekszym poza Polska polskim miescie ma tupet. Mozna by powiedziec, hucpa jakich malo! Albo coraz wiecej … . Jak donosi Chicago Tribune 88-letnia Wolinska ocalona z Holokaustu w czasie wojny ryzykowala zycie walczac w szeregach Polski podziemnej. O obecnej Polsce mowi: to wstretny kraj, jesli tam cie nie lubia to mowia, ze jestes bylym komunista i Zydem.

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Pani Łucio, nie wiem czy Pani tą sprawę poruszałą na programie, ale wysyłam Pani list do redakcji Tribune w sprawie Wolinskiej/Mindla. Czy Pani ma jakieś komentarze? Pozdrawiam, Jan M. Loryś

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From: [PMA] Jan Lorys
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Dear Editor,

I strongly object to the headline of the front page article from the January 8, 2007 Chicago Tribune regarding Helena Wolinska-Brus/Mindla-Dajnelek “From Holocaust to Hunted at 88”.

After World War II SS officer Adolph Eichmann was hunted (justly so) for war crimes, first by the Allied Forces and then Israeli intelligence. The Israelis eventually located him in Argentina living under an alias, did not ask the Argentinean authorities to arrest and extradite him, but kidnapped him, tried him and then executed him.

The headline in Mr. Hundley’s article makes it seem that this Communist “Eichmann” (Wolinska/Mindla) was in hiding, constantly looking over her shoulder and fearing for her life. As the article points out, she lived in the open, protected by the British legal system and even receiving, I believe, a pension from the Communist and post-Communist left wing governments. The Poles did not send out a “hit squad” to England to get her (though many people think they should have). Rather, they went through the legal process, something that Wolinska/Mindla and the system she served did not give to the thousands of her victims. She may have been harassed, but she was never hunted.

My uncle, Adam Mirecki, who escaped form the Gestapo three times, was convicted of being a “fascist Hitlerite” and executed in 1953. His remains were also never found. I agree with Professor Bartoszewski that a trial should not seek revenge. However, it would a way of obtaining the truth and answering the question why, after one of the bloodiest wars on record, she and others were so willing to let the bloodshed to continue.


Jan M. Lorys, Director
The Polish Museum of America
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